Tequila Blanco, from Valles region, with youthful notes of agave cooked, pepper, hints of honey, and citrus. 

  • Appearance: Crystal clear, full-body, and slow tears.
  • Aroma: Youthful notes of pepper, citrus, and herbs.
  • Initial Taste: Sweet, creamy fresh agave and fruit, light citrus.
  • Body: Citrus and pepper.
  • Finish: Spiced lavender with a warm mouth feel.

The most authentic flavor from the Agave is found in a Tequila Blanco (Silver Tequila), that hasn't been rested, but bottled right after being distilled or within two months. With a very crystal color, it is the perfect profile for mixing and get a refreshing cocktail, but also to sip slowly and find the rich flavor coming from the soil.


 Reposado is rested for nine months in white oaks barrels to enhance the flavor of the cooked agave, wood, and fruits. An extra process is done to remove the ambar color giving it an exciting crystal color.

  • Appearance: crystal color, full body and slow tears.
  • Aroma: Rested nose with sweet agave, mild oak taste and caramel.
  • Initial Taste: Sweet agave, caramel and wood.
  • Body: Earthy, spiced agave and fruit.
  • Finish: Fruit with a hint of oak, caramel, butterscotch, and warm mouth feel.

A Tequila Reposado (Aged Tequila), aged for at least two months and not more than 12 in an oak barrel, takes a subtle wood taste but, at the same time, keeps the freshness of the Agave flavor.

The  Agave is grown in Zona Valle giving it a dry and earthier profile.

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